Who Did Rob Pattinson Beat Out to Play the Lead Role in ‘The Batman’?

The most talked about casting news of the year is that Rob Pattinson will be donning the pointed mask to play the lead role in The Batman.

The decision has squarely divided the fan base, but Rob actually landed the role in a very quick fashion, especially for a role of this magnitude.

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that it came down to two stars, Rob and Nicholas Hoult, who is known for his work in Planet of the Apes and The Favourite.

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Rob was actually at the Cannes Film Festival promoting his new movie The Lighthouse and flew back to Los Angeles for his final screen test.

In order to win the job he had to do one more thing. Slip on a used bat suit, which is customary for all the former actors vying for the role.

It was probably the one Ben Affleck wore most recently. Word is, Rob’s performance was magnetic and it was clear he would be the next Bruce Wayne.

The Batman is expected to hit theaters in June of 2021.

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