Parents Would Prefer A Shorter Summer Break For Their Kids

If you have kids who are school-age, do you dread the long summer break that has you looking for ANYTHING that will entertain your kids and keep them busy?

Turns out a lot of parents actually wish that summer breaks were shorter, despite it being a kid’s favorite time of the year.

A new survey came out saying that parents don’t only wish summer break was shorter than the traditional 2-3 months… but that it was as short as two weeks, or less.

We get it, entertaining your kids can be a LOT of work, especially when you’re working and you have to find someone to care for them in the time they would typically be at school. I think about this all the time, being a working mom myself, because my kids are obviously not in school yet. But two weeks of summer break?! That is NOTHING!

One Poll conducted a survey that polled 2,000 parents about summer vacation. 58 % said they were “stressed” keeping their kids busy and entertained and 75 % admitted that they were “ready for their children to go back to school” come early September.

A survey commissioned by Groupon also found parents were ready for their kids to go back to school after about 13 days of summer vacation.

While these parents are probably just looking out for their need to entertain, there is also the fact that children often suffer from a “summer learning loss” in those weeks that they are out of school. Plus the kids fall out of their routine, and it’s been proven time and time again that children thrive in routine.

What do you think? If you have kids who are on summer break right now, is it time for them to go back to school? Or are you enjoying the time of having them home more?

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