ADOPTED! Her name is Ayla.  She is a domestic short hair, 6-month-old kitten. I received her back in August. She was taken in by a lovely, concerned Yorkton resident. Their neighbor is known to have lots of strays around, and Ayla was clearly in need of medical care. She had such a bad ‘cold’ infection, it had spread to her left eye, and it was clouded over. I opted to foster her, and immediately called the vet to see what can be done. She went through 2 different sets of eyedrops, many health tests, and antibiotics. With all the procedures, her eye is basically ‘scarred’, and may not heal. Even though she can still have ‘cold’ symptoms from time to time (runny eyes, sneezing) she is fully vaccinated and has been cleared by the vet that her symptoms are not contagious. All these ailments have not slowed her down though!  She is a fearless, affectionate, and silly kitten. Her main characteristic is that she LOVES to crawl up and sit on your shoulders. Good luck holding her, she holds YOU! She’s very smart, knows her feeding times, and always greets you at the door when you arrive home. Ayla has been fostered with adult cats and kittens and gets along with everyone always. My sister had her dog at my place, over the holidays, and Ayla had no fear of him whatsoever. She is beautiful inside and out!

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