Two new Yorkton Group homes now open for children entering care

The Government of Saskatchewan is partnering with Foxvalley Counseling Services Inc. to provide temporary placement options in Yorkton for children entering care. Two five-space short term community-based homes (STCBH) opened this month and are a much-needed resource for children under age 12. 

An STCBH offers an immediate placement option for children who cannot remain safely at home while their parents address safety concerns or a family-based care option is identified, whether that be extended family, a trusted family connection or foster care.

“Community placement allows children to be supported by their communities, within their own customs and cultural traditions, to remain in their school and have regular visitation with their parents,” Social Services Minister Gene Makowsky said. “Ensuring children entering care can remain in their home community, in their existing schools with their friends wherever possible provides much-needed stability, which is why we are working to provide local placement options across Saskatchewan.” 

When a child does have to come into care, the ministry’s goal then becomes reunification, providing and linking parents to services and tools on parenting, addictions, counselling and domestic violence prevention. If a child can’t remain safely at home, our next step is to look to extended family. Nearly 60 per cent of children in care live with extended family.

“Foxvalley believes in safe spaces for both adults and children, and we are excited for this opportunity to provide a clean, caring and safe space for the children in our care,” Foxvalley Counseling Services Inc. Executive Director Mark Fox said. “We believe that everyone deserves a helping hand up during their journey. Children and families will have access to Elders and Indigenous programming at both of these homes.”

The Government of Saskatchewan has allocated approximately $1.5 million in annualized funding in 2023-24 for these new homes. This brings the total annualized funding for short term community-based homes in Saskatchewan to more than $44 million to support 324 children entering care to remain in their communities. 

Foxvalley Counseling Services Inc. provides culturally sensitive, preventative services in Treaty 4 Territory. Their goal is to transition families to independence and enable parents to reach their full potential with minimal support. They advocate, aid and assist in the health and prosperity of individuals, families and communities. For more information on Foxvalley or to obtain services, visit

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