Fox FM Furry Friends: Lucy

Lovely Lucy is still waiting for her forever home. Her birthday is estimated to be March of 2023 so she’s still young and has lots of energy. She adores people and wants attention. When excited she will open her mouth and try and hold your hand in it, and she will give little love nibbles but doesn’t bite. She loves to play with other dogs who can keep up with her high energy play style. She is nice and quiet in her kennel during the night. She has been vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, and spayed. Her pictures make her look bigger than she is, she’s only 20″ at the shoulder and was 44lbs at her last weigh in. This beautiful girl was found in a garage of a boarded-up building and came in very skinny. After having diarrhea for a long time, she is keeping it under control with just gastrointestinal food from the vet.

She comes off a little bouncy but listens to “off” and “sit”. Once she’s gotten used to her environment she calms right down and is happy to keep herself content chewing on a toy and even makes herself a good foot warmer when she cozies up to your feet and has a rest. She listens pretty good and even though she’s very interested in sniffing out the cats she will leave them alone if you tell her to “leave it”. She came in with a finicky tummy and was on vet food for awhile but is now okay eating store brand, just as long as it stays the same and she doesn’t get a hold of anything different to set her tummy off. She does good in a kennel overnight and will even take her toys in there to lay down all by herself. She is still young so does get her hyper moments and can get mouthy at times, a firm “no” or giving her a toy to redirect really helps. She’s a beautiful girl who is willing to learn and is going to make someone very happy. 

Lucy is available for adoption through PAWS & CLAWS Animal Rescue Inc.

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