Reader vs. Teagan… NFL Style!

I’ve never been a guy that makes a lot of bets, when it comes to sports.

Well, at least not in terms of money. I prefer fun bets, like having to wear the other team’s jersey if you lose. Or betting a week’s worth of Slurpees.

A few years ago, I ended up having to let my beard grow throughout the entire Stanley Cup Playoffs, after my Philadelphia Flyers lost a series against the stupid Pittsburgh Penguins.

But sometimes, I come out on top.

When it comes to the NFL, I’m a Tennessee Titans fan, and have been, since Warren Moon was leading them as the former Houston Oilers.

Flying the Titans colours at my desk!

On October 1st, my Titans, who frankly, have been awful this season, squared off against the Cincinnati Bengals, who happen to be Teagan’s favourite team.

She threw out the idea that the winner would be able to give the loser a list of random phrases to sneak into their show.

Well, wouldn’t you know, Lady Luck was shining on me and my Flaming Thumbtacks!, as the Titans upset Cincinnati!

It’s was another Music City Miracle!

This meant I got to feed a few phrases to Teagan. Here’s a recap!

That’s awesome, Teagan! Thanks for being a great sport!

Don’t get too cocky, Reader… You could easily be on the wrong end of the next bet!

For now, victory is mine!

Maybe we’ll have to do it again – NHL season going strong, after all!

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