The CPKC Holiday Train Experience With Our Contest Winner!

On Tuesday, the CPKC Holiday Train rolled into our area, and we celebrated with a lucky contest winner: Jamie and her son Harlow!

Me, Jamie & Harlow, Reader, and Val from Cloud Nine Coaches Limo Service.

It was a sweet experience. We met at city hall with our councilor and also with mayor Mitch Hippsley and waited until our winners Jamie & Harlow arrived.

Then Val from Cloud Nine Coaches limo services drove us to Bredenbury in her limo and the ride was quite comfy.

Arriving to Bredenbury in style, the Holiday Train stopped by shorty after, with Anyway Gang performing! We were super stoked to watch them play there. So many people were there, including bus loads of students too.

Then all four of us boarded the train when the show was done and got a ride back to Yorkton! We got complimentary cookies and hot chocolate too. The train ride was nice and smooth, and very comfy.

Arriving in Yorkton on the train

Once we arrived… Anyway Gang again!

We wanted to congratulate Jamie & Harlow once again for being our big winners to have this wonderful experience. Especially with cooperating weather! We hope you enjoyed it as much as Reader and I did.

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