A nice Christmas break!

Well, Christmas has come and gone for another year, and I was able to enjoy four days off, spending it with family.

On the 23rd and 24th, we had our whole family Christmas celebration at my brother’s place in Balgonie, and it was fantastic.

We were all there – my parents, my brother Curtis, his wife Niki, and their four kids – Sofie, Hadley, Ella and Drew (who hosted our rowdy crew), my brother Ward and his wife Aimee, from Saskatoon, and their two girls, Abbie and Brynn, my youngest brother Barrett, and his new wife, Claudia, who also live in Saskatoon, and my cousin Kala, who joined us for the holidays.

We had a blast! We had a “Chinese Food Christmas,” (with pizza for the kids, who aren’t yet as adventurous as the grownups, when it comes to their eating habits, with gifts exchanged, games, crafts, visiting, and good cheer.

Then, before we went our separate ways the next day, we had an amazing breakfast, that even made a French toast fan out of me (it’s never been my favourite).

Then, it was off to the farm for Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

It was a brown Christmas, with not a speck of snow on the ground, which was certainly different.

There was just six of us at home, but it was a nice, quiet day!

Me and this year’s Read Family Christmas Tree at the farm!

Santa Claus always seems to find me, and I must’ve been pretty good this year.

I always get some clothes, and this year was no exception, with a nice shirt, and a couple of cool pairs of socks.

Not only are these socks perfect for Christmas, but they’re also great for watching a “Nightmare on Elm Street ” marathon!
I’ve got Queen t-shirts, books, music, DVD’s, and now I have some Queen socks!

As well, I got a book I’ve been wanting to read for a long time – Dave Grohl’s autobiography, “The Storyteller.”

This book has been on my “must read” list for a while!

It’s the expanded edition, too, so there’s even more to the story. Can’t wait to dive into this one!

I’m always happy to get some tasty treats, as well, and I wasn’t disappointed, getting some of my favourite potato chips, and chocolates!

My fave chocolates! I have to watch my blood sugar, so I’ll have to enjoy these a few at a time.
If their Mexican Chili chips are my #1, Old Dutch’s classic BBQ (only the ones in the box) are my 1-A!

I got a tree ornament from one of my favourite flicks, “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

The Pumpkin King now has a spot on my tree!

And for a more grown-up gift, for a long time, I’ve wanted something to keep my important things, like my birth certificate, SIN card and passport safe, should something serious happen, like a fire.

Well, I got a security chest!

Feeling so grown up! But at least my important stuff should stay safe!

All in all, it was a great Christmas, and I’m heading back to the farm for New Year’s! Time for more family, food and fun!

Whatever you get up to, to ring in the New Year, stay safe, have fun, and I’ll see you in 2024!

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