Happy New Year, and welcome to 2024!

Well, we’ve made it through another holiday season, and rang in the new year.

So far, it doesn’t feel much different than 2023, but, if nothing else, there’s already more snow on the ground to kick off 2024, than there was on New Year’s Eve!

How did you welcome the New Year?

After having four days off, and relaxing with my family over Christmas, then coming back to work Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, I had New Year’s weekend off, so I went back to the farm, just west of Conquest, to kick back a little bit more.

For New Year’s Eve, my Aunt Marie and Uncle Glen had some of the family our to their acreage, a few miles west of the farm, at the former hamlet of Bounty.

In addition to my aunt and uncle, there was myself, my parents, my youngest brother Barrett, and his wife Claudia, my Auntie Ivy, her son Dustan, his wife Carmen, and their kids, Avery, Grayson, and Emi.

We had a bonfire going, enjoyed some food and beverages, had a good visit, and saw off 2023, while welcoming in 2024.

Kickin’ back with the fam jam around the bonfire near Bounty!

Uncle Glen and Dustan set off some fireworks, and fortunately, no fingers, limbs or eyebrows were lost in the process!

A good time was had by all!

Then, on January 1st, Mom did up a big ol’ ham and all the trimmings, my brother Ward, his wife Aimee, and their girls, Abbie and Brynn, came out to the farm from Saskatoon, and we had a nice dinner to celebrate the new year.

After lunch, we played a few rounds of “Telestrations,” which is like the classic “Telephone” game, but you get to draw your clues and guesses. It’s pretty fun – and we have some good artists in the family!

But alas, all good things come to an end, and I had to pack up (put together a care package (of course!), and hit the road back to Yorkton, to get back at it for the start of another year.

Hanging out around the fire!

However you rang in the New Year, I hope you had fun, stayed safe, and on behalf of my family, I wish everybody nothing but the best in the coming year!

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