Fox FM Furry Friends: Alaska

Alaska has her first set of vaccinations & dewormed. She will need 2 more sets of vaccinations and to be spayed when age/size appropriate. Alaska is a little peanut that is always purring, she purrs anytime you get near her. She loves everyone humans and kitties .She hasn’t been around dogs, but I’m sure with proper introduction she would be fine. She’s playful and loving. She loves chirping toys and will chase toys in a string. She loves soft/canned food.
She wants to be where you are at all times and follows you are purring. She is litter box trained. Contact Paws and Claws Animal Rescue in Yorkton

She is completely vetted and just needs to be spayed when big enough (April)
She is the sweetest ever and just loves to be held and cuddled.

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