Fox FM Furry Friends: Lucky

Born approx July 1st, 2023
Had first 2 sets of vaccinations & dewormed. She needs 1 more set of vaccinations and to be spayed when age/size appropriate.
Lucky is deaf
Have your ever tried getting a picture of a deaf kitty looking at you…
Even with Lucky being deaf it doesn’t slow her down much.
She’s still a completely loving wonderful girl.
She meows, purrs, plays and likes to be held and cuddled.
She is playful (she especially loves toys on strings) but you have to make sure she sees the toys because she can’t hear them.
She will come running to you for love when she sees you.
A good thing about Lucky is she probably wouldn’t be scared of dogs because she wouldn’t hear them barking and making noise so she would more than likely be good with them.
She is litter trained.
Lucky does best without any soft/canned food.
Lucky really is a sweetheart and would be great in any home.

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