Bad airline passenger? There’s a code name for that

After recently taking a trip, I learned about the notorious Philip, the code name flight attendants give to passengers who suck.

Ah, Philip. The elusive name that embodies the essence of frustration and annoyance at 30,000 feet. Derived from the old airline code “PILP,” which stood for “passenger I’d like to punch.” Now, they simply use the term… “Philip”.

We’re not talking about the innocent souls who recline their seatbacks. No. We are referring to a whole new breed of passengers who manage to push our buttons in ways we never thought possible.

Picture this: You’re settling into your seat, mentally preparing yourself for the journey ahead. Suddenly, a cough erupts from the depths of the cabin, and you instinctively perform a strategic duck-and-cover maneuver. But, Philip, the master of airborne germs, has already struck.

We have all encountered those individuals who seem to have missed the memo on basic hygiene. They cough, they sneeze, they hack away like there’s no tomorrow, all while blissfully ignoring the concept of covering their mouth. It’s like a symphony of germs, and we’re all forced to be unwilling participants.

Philip takes it up a notch with their impeccable talent for yelling at flight attendants. The poor cabin crew, just trying to do their jobs, are subjected to a verbal onslaught from this unruly passenger.

And let’s not forget about Philip’s uncanny ability to turn a flight into a booze-fueled escapade. While we all enjoy a cold beer in the air, Philip takes it to a whole new level. Like a walking happy hour, stumbling through the aisles with a drink in hand, spreading mischief and mayhem as he goes.

Please… Don’t be a Philip… and don’t watch TikTok on full blast without headphones in the airport terminal either. Or take off your shoes… Come on, dude.

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