The Pantry: where reusable bags go to die

The accumulation of reusable bags in my pantry is getting out of hand…

We’re now living in the era that is the never-ending saga of reusable bags. You forget them at home, buy more. the following week, you repeat the process. It’s like my brain has a vendetta against saving the environment, and it’s using my forgetfulness as its weapon of choice.

I mean, seriously, how did I amass this many reusable bags? It’s like they’ve been multiplying in there, having secret bag parties while I’m not looking.

As a cat owner, the amount of plastic bags in my household has remained alarmingly constant.

You’d think with all the eco-friendly intentions, I’d be swimming in reusable bags, no plastic in sight. But no, the only thing that’s changed is that I now pay for plastic bags to clean up their excrement.

As if cleaning the litter box wasn’t demeaning enough… Now I’m paying to do it.

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