The Annoying Winter Static Shock.

I have little predicament that seems to haunt me every year during this time – the dreaded static shock!

I’m practically convinced that I have some kind of electric superpowers during winter. It’s like I become a walking lightning rod, constantly attracting and discharging static electricity whenever I touch a metal object. It’s not just a minor annoyance either; these shocks can pack quite a punch!

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I’m actually scared to touch things like light switches, door handles, and even our board and microphones in the studio. Each time I reach out to grab one of these seemingly innocent objects, there’s always that moment of hesitation and fear, bracing myself for the unexpected jolt that awaits me. It’s not exactly the adrenaline rush I was hoping for!

I’ve gone through the entire arsenal of anti-static tricks and tips, from using fabric softener sheets to spraying anti-static spray on my clothes. I’ve even resorted to moisturizing my hands more often, thinking that dry skin might be the root of the issue. But none of these methods have provided a foolproof solution.

Maybe you’ve discovered a secret remedy or a tried-and-true method to combat this winter phenomenon? Or perhaps you’ve stumbled upon a nifty gadget or device that neutralizes static electricity? Maybe it’s the polyester in my clothes. Maybe it’s just all my arm and leg hairs rubbing against my clothes and charging me up. Who knows!

I’m determined to conquer this static shock curse once and for all. Not only would it save me from those electrifying encounters, but it would also grant me the peace of mind to navigate my daily tasks without fear of being zapped.

Wanna see how I try my best to combat this issue at work? Check it out below!

How Eddie Q Deals With Static Shocks

How Eddie Q Deals With Static Shocks

Eddie QJan 26, 2024

In the Winter, Eddie tends to get static shock a lot when touching metal objects. Here’s what he legitimately does…

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