So Fresh, So Clean…

What is it about a shave and a haircut that just makes you feel so good?

It’s funny how when we’re kids, we’d love to be able to grow a moustache and beard, and then when you grow up, it’s nice to get rid of them?

I went and got my haircut a couple of weeks ago, and I tell you, it was long overdue, as it had been several months since I had gotten my hair done.

Usually, heading into Christmas, I like to get cleaned up for the holidays, but by the time I tried to book an appointment, it was way too close to Christmas, and I was never going to get in on such short notice.

So finally, I made an appointment, to see Renata, the delightful lady who makes me look presentable.

Here’s how I looked pre appointment…

What a mess! Time to get this cleaned up!

And, here I am, post-haircut!

Soooooo much better! I feel like a new man!

After getting my hair clipped, she also took care of my eyebrows, trimming them up, and using here good, high-powered clippers to buzz the majority of my beard off, so I could finish the job with the razor at home.

It just feels so much better, and I’ve gotta say, it’s much lower maintenance, too!

More often than not, when the hair and beard get long, it’s mainly because I get to lazy to shave.

Other times, I consciously grow it out for fun!

For example, back in 2010, my beloved Philadelphia Flyers made an unexpected run to the Stanley Cup Final, and in solidarity with my club, I grew out a playoff beard, too!

This is probably the shaggiest I’ve ever been but I did it for my Flyers! (Also, note how chestnut brown my hair and beard were back then!)

Other times, I grow it out just for the silliness factor – checkout the muttonchops I kept for about two minutes…

Don’t worry – I didn’t go out in public like this!

Meanwhile, I’m not afraid to play around during a haircut, either!

This was during a haircut courtesy of my Dad. It’s kind of a cross between Mao Tse-Tung and M*A*S*H character Charles Emerson Winchester! (Google them, kids!)

And here’s a gallery of some of the looks I’ve rocked over the years!

Yep… all me, all natural!

Ahhh, the fun you can have with hair!

In any event, even though it may be a little greyer, and there may be a little less of it up top, I’m still glad to have my hair.

There is one thing I’ve never really done, and that’s to dye it.

Maybe that’s the next level…

In the spirit of hair, here’s on of my favourite tunes about the subject. Enjoy!

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