The Legend returns… Hello again, McRib!

Well, not long ago, the rumours began, that maybe… juuuust maybe, McDonald’s would be bringing back a menu item that many fans of the Golden Arches have been lusting after.

Rumour had it that the McRib was coming back.

Now, for those who arent familiar, it’s a relatively simple concept.

It starts with a boneless pork patty, shaped like a small rack or ribs, on a toasted homestyle bun, slathered in barbecue sauce, and topped off with sliced onions and pickles.

It made it’s debut in Canada when I was just five years old. Here’s the commercial from back in 1982.

Canada was about to meet something special…

Now, through the years, it’s been in and out of the menu, and Canada hasn’t been able to enjoy the McRib since February of 2014. Ten whole years!

But, it’s back, and our friends from McDonald’s West Broadway location in Yorkton were kind enough to stop by the station with some McRibs, to celebrate the relaunch!

Thanks so much, ladies! May thanks to McDonald’s on West Broadway in Yorkton!

I couldn’t wait to bite into mine…

Ohhh yeaaahh… That’s the good stuff!

For anyone asking, it was as delicious as ever!

And just as messy as ever, too! Sauce everywhere, but totally worth it!

Not only did I and some of my fellow staff get to enjoy the McRib, but we also got to celebrate a first – Eddie had never tried one!

Precious memories…

Thanks again to the crew at McDonald’s West Broadway in Yorkton, for hooking us up with a classic making it’s return.

Not gonna lie… I might go get another one for lunch today!

Remember, it’s a limited time offer, so make sure you don’t miss out on the McRib!

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