A great night with the Bromantics!

What’s up, everybody? Reader here, and over the weekend, I had the pleasure of taking in a great show!

Fox FM and our sister station, GX94, are proud to sponsor the Painted Hand Casino series of concerts, as part of the Yorkton Arts Council’s 2023-24 season, and on Saturday night, I took a drive down Broadway to the Casino, to introduce the Bromantics!

They’re a group of Saskatchewan guys that take you on a musical ride back to the 1950’s and 60’s.

The days of doo-wop, sock-hops and malt shoppes, of leather jackets, hot rods and pompadours, to bobby-soxers and poodle skirts.

I was joined onstage by Abanti Banerjee, with the Yorkton Arts Council, to welcome the Bromantics to the stage!

They took the stage to a packed house!

The huge crowd was ready for an evening of nostalgia and great music.

The six piece band sounded great, and had a ton of energy, keeping the crowd singing along, dancing, and laughing.

I had a birds-eye view of the action as the show started!

They sounded fantastic!

In their matching letterman jackets, the Bromantics took us way back, with timeless tracks like “Rockin’ Robin,” “Twist and Shout,” “The Wanderer,” “Little Darlin’,” “My Girl,” “Greased Lightning,” “Splish Splash,” and so many more, mixed in with some of their own great originals.

There were a lot of smiles and memories brought back to life.

So, why is 50’s nostalgia so much fun? Well, let’s start with the fashion. The 50’s were all about vibrant colors, full skirts, and accessorizing like there was no tomorrow! There’s just a sense of joy and playfulness in the way people dressed back then. Whether it’s the iconic polka dot dresses or the slicked-back hairstyles for the guys, the fashion of the 50’s just exudes a timeless charm that continues to inspire us today.

But it’s not just the fashion that makes 50’s nostalgia so captivating. It’s also the timeless music that makes you feel an overwhelming urge to dance and sing along!

Moreover, the 50’s were a time of cultural shifts and significant historical events. It was a decade of post-war optimism, where people were embracing new technologies and enjoying the prosperity that came with it. This sense of progress and hope is something that resonates with us even today, especially during times when we long for simpler and happier days.

Another aspect that makes 50’s nostalgia so much fun is the emphasis on community and social interaction. The era was characterized by close-knit neighborhoods, where people knew their neighbors and spent time together at local diners or soda shops. There was a sense of camaraderie and belonging that many of us yearn for today. 50’s nostalgia reminds us of the importance of fostering genuine connections and cherishing those moments spent with loved ones.

Great music is a wonderful way to make those connections, and make you feel good, and the Bromantics certainly did that and more on Saturday night!

Thanks for a fantastic show!

If you weren’t there, here’s a little taste of what you missed!

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