Sturgis Kin-Club Mini-Miracle raises just over $18-thousand

The 44TH annual Sturgis Kin-Club Mini-Miracle raised just over $18-thousand last night (Thurs).

That pushes the total amount raised for Telemiracle since 1981 well over the million dollar mark.

The Mini-Miracle was held at the Sturgis Composite School, broadcasted live on GX94, and had live entertainment featuring a few GX94 Star Search Champions.

“It was a great night, and it’s an unreal feeling to know that all the generosity from our communities that would donate to this worthy cause, and knowing that all the funds go directly to TeleMiracle and help out everybody.” Wasylenchuk said in an telephone interview this morning (Fri).

The money will be donated to TeleMiracle 48, which is on February 24 and 25 in Regina.

“We’ll be on-the-air around 7:30AM on Sunday the 25th,” Wasylenchuk added.

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