Sometimes We Get Lazy Instead of Productive During Long Weekends. And That’s Okay.

We just came back from a long weekend! Whether you were celebrating Family Day in Saskatchewan or Louis Riel Day in Manitoba. I don’t know about you, but long weekends always seem to fly by way too quickly!

Usually on long weekends, I like to take advantage of the extra day off work and tackle a bunch of chores around the house. I’ll do some deep cleaning, organize my closets, clean my room and bathroom, get a ton of laundry done too. But this weekend was a little different for me. I had all these grand plans to be productive, but I just couldn’t find the motivation to get off the bed. I ended up doing absolutely nothing and you know what? I’m totally okay with it!

I think it’s important to give ourselves permission to be lazy sometimes. We live in such a fast-paced world where we’re constantly on the go, so taking some time to relax and recharge is crucial for our mental and physical well-being. It’s okay to not be productive all the time. Sometimes we just need to give ourselves a break and enjoy some downtime. I recently got gifted a Nintendo Switch, and I wanted to play it, so that’s exactly what I did.

So if you also spent the long weekend being a little lazy, just know that you’re not alone. It’s totally okay to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and just chill out. And if you did manage to be productive, kudos to you! Either way, I hope you had a wonderful long weekend and are feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the week ahead. Remember to take care of yourselves and prioritize self-care.

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