The PS5 Is Already In The Latter Part Of Its Life Cycle??

It’s hard to believe that the PS5 is already in the latter stage of its life cycle! It feels like just yesterday that everyone was scrambling to get their hands on one when it first came out in 2020. Remember how impossible it was to buy one? The chip shortage made it nearly impossible to find one in stock anywhere. You could only buy them online, and even then, they would sell out within minutes.

It’s crazy to think about the demand for the PS5 when it first launched. People were willing to do anything to get their hands on one, whether it meant waiting in long lines, constantly refreshing websites, or paying inflated prices on the resale market. Remember when people put them on eBay and Facebook Marketplace for $1600+, with most being scams? Imagine actually paying that much for a console. And now, just a few short years later, Sony is already talking about the end of its life cycle.

But despite the challenges of getting a PS5 in the early days, it’s clear that the console has been a success. The graphics are incredible, the gameplay is smooth, and the library of games is constantly expanding, even if a lot of them are remasters that you can still get for the PS4. Still, tens of millions of people bought one.

As we look towards the future of gaming, it’s exciting to think about what’s next. Will Sony release a new console to replace the PS5? If they make a PS6, what will that be? The current console is still 600-800 bucks; I can’t imagine the PS6 to be that price, it would only go up in my opinion. Plus I have a feeling $100 games will be the norm when that time comes too.

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