What are your “Forever Treasures?”

What’s up everybody? Reader here! And lately, I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic.

We all have those special items, that take us back to a time when life was much simpler, and and give us those warm and fuzzy memories.

Here’s something that does that for me, and it is literally “warm and fuzzy!”

This is a blanket that was knitted (or crocheted? I don’t quite know the difference.) for me by my Auntie Alice, when I was a baby, way back in 1977.

She made a different blanket for me and each of my three younger brothers when we were born, and I know they have all been well-used over the years, for countless naps, and hours upon hours spent lying on the floor or the couch, watching our favourite movies.

We used them a lot, and they’ve been incredibly durable, as well. Mine has never needed any repairs at all!

I really like the colour and pattern in mine, as well!

The dark grey, along with the mix of pink, blue and peach just looks nice, and it’s a very warm blanket, too.

I’ve had this blanket since I was a kid, and it’s moved with me wherever I’ve gone.

When I first left home in the fall of 1995, to go to college in Medicine Hat, it moved there with me.

When I moved to Saskatoon in the spring of ’98, it came with me.

And when I moved to Yorkton, in May of 2006, to begin my radio adventure, it made the trip here with me.

It’s always nice to have something special that gives you comfort. Much like Linus’ signature blue blanket in the “Peanuts” comics, it’s pretty much my own security blanket.

We all have something special like this. For me, it’s a blanket. For you, it might me a t-shirt or bunnyhug (or hoodie, for those not from Saskatchewan). Maybe it’s a stuffed animal, or a toy of some sort.

The important thing is how it makes you feel, and the memories it brings back. Enjoy them!

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