What Can You Get With Harvard Media & Fox FM’s “Better You” Auction?

Go to HarvardMediaAuctions.com and this is what the homepage will look like.

The Harvard Media & Fox FM “Better You” auction is live now until February 28th! These are auction items to make you feel better about yourself (get it?) And there’s tons of different products, services and experiences to help! Whether you’re looking for a spa day, golfing, a fitness membership or more, the Better You auction has you covered!

This an auction that has products and services all over Saskatchewan and Alberta. If you have friends or family living anywhere around where some of these products and services are located, this would be a fantastic gift idea. If you even plan on travelling to some of these places too, like Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina or even Red Deer, you can bid on something you love for a fantastic price, then make the trip and treat yourself!

I’ll be highlighting something that would be an incredible “treat yourself” experience, or a gift to someone you know! How about Alie & Elsie Jewelry?

With locations in Regina, Saskatoon, and Medicine Hat, you can bid on gift certificates valued up to $150 each! You get those for a fantastic deal, and you can save big on what they specialize in – permanent jewelry. Here’s what they describe it as:

What is permanent jewelry? Basically we eliminate the clasp. We use a small ring to attach the two ends of chain together and fuse the ring so it’s on you permanently so you don’t have to fumble around getting your bracelets on. Plus you will always leave the house with jewelry on.

This is one of many products, services and experiences you can bid on! Auction ends February 28th. Click here to get started!

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