Pink Shirt Day is February 28th. Here’s How You Can Help.

Pink Shirt Day is coming up this Wednesday, where people around the country wear pink to stand up for bullying.

This all started in 2007 in Nova Scotia, where a student was bullied for wearing a pink shirt. Two students stood up for him by showing up to school in pink shirts to defend him. Since then, Pink Shirt Day has grown across the country and is observed every year as a way to show your support against bullying. Wearing pink is one of the ways you can help with this.

I think we’ve all been there before; we, or someone we know have been bullied as students. Some people get bullied even as adults, whether it’s in post-secondary school or at work. Sometimes even at home. Besides wearing pink, how else can you help on Pink Shirt Day?

This Wednesday at 12pm, Harvard Media & Fox FM presents “A Pink Shirt Day Discussion” in support of Kids Help Phone. We will be livestreaming the event, where influential panelists will be discussing how bullying impacted their lives, and how it continues to do so. Stories will be shared and there will also be the opportunity to have a virtual Q&A session for classrooms and participants.

As someone who has dealt with bullying and is a huge supporter for mental health support, I highly encourage you to join the livestream and show your support. It’s important to stand up for ourselves, and when dealing with bullying, it’s important to learn that you are not alone and to find support in times of dark thoughts as a result from bullying.

Host: James P. White, from #TheLOCKERROOM on 95.7 CRUZ FM in Edmonton

Co-host: Mariah Mae Harvard Media

Guest panelists: Spencer Beach- Motivational Speaker , and A therapist from Kids Help Phone (TBD).

Watch the livestream, Wednesday, February 28th @ 12pm:

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