Eddie’s Snowarama Wrap-Up!

This past weekend was the 47th annual Easter Seals Snowarama and I was happy to take part with what I can! While I don’t know how to ride a snowmobile, there were plenty of ways to help, leading to an incredible couple of days.

Let’s kick it off with wing and registration night! I was there, because I can’t say no to some chicken wings and drinks with friends. Saskabilities was completely full of people having a great time with food, drinks and socializing. We had a few people at our table that we made acquaintances with and talked to for the evening. I even got a 2024 calendar at the wing night! I do love my physical calendars.

Wing night was on Friday, and the main event kicked off on Saturday! Starting with breakfast, museum tours and lunch, and even at first, the ride itself was cancelled due to the lack of snow and mild weather, it was slightly saved. The snowfall early last week helped with some last minute trails being groomed and while the full trail and ride wasn’t open, riders still got to enjoy what they were doing. Unfortunately I could not make it to the ride, but I was at the awards banquet!

Me, emceeing.

Saturday evening kicked off the awards banquet at 5pm at Saint Mary’s starting with some cocktails, along with regular programming, food (Saint Mary’s food is always top tier), and some other great stuff like a live and silent auction, draw prizes, greetings from municipal, provincial and federal governments, and Aleks Hoeber was able to help announce the total money raised, which by the end of the night passed the $200,000 mark! This was a record year. Also I was a co-emcee for the night! Thank you to Deanna Stroshein and Rick Bradshaw for tag-teaming everything for that.

What exactly does the Easter Seals Snowarama support? Well, one of the main beneficiaries is Camp Easter Seal. This camp provides a safe and inclusive environment for those living with disabilities to experience the joys of camping. From outdoor activities to arts and crafts, Camp Easter Seal offers a wide range of programs that help campers build confidence, independence, and lasting friendships.

In addition to Camp Easter Seal, the funds raised through the Easter Seals Snowarama also support Summer Fun programs. These programs provide children and youth with disabilities with opportunities to participate in recreational activities, summer camps, and social events. By giving kids the chance to have fun and make memories, Summer Fun helps them develop important life skills and form connections with their peers.

Lastly, the Easter Seals Snowarama helps to fund Adaptive Technology Services. This program provides individuals with disabilities access to specialized equipment and technology that can improve their quality of life. From communication devices to mobility aids, Adaptive Technology Services empowers people to live more independently and participate fully in their communities.

Take a look at some highlights from the awards banquet:

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