Where Were You During The Great Meta Outage Of 2024?

Where were you during the great Meta outage of 2024 on Tuesday? It was definitely a frustrating experience for many of us who rely on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other Meta-owned platforms for staying connected with friends and family, conducting business, and sharing our lives. At first, I thought I was hacked! It kicked me off Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. After trying to log in, I was told my password was incorrect which scared me. It was especially scary when password and account recovery wasn’t working. The panic hit pretty hard!

The outage lasted for several hours and affected users worldwide. Many people took to other social media platforms (pretty much X) to express their frustration and confusion over the situation. It just goes to show how much we rely on these platforms in our daily lives.

While outages are not uncommon in the world of technology, the timing of this one was particularly inconvenient, especially since it happened at about 9:30am which is when people are at work. With so many people working remotely and relying on these platforms for communication and collaboration, the outage caused disruptions for many individuals and businesses.

Despite the frustration and inconvenience of the outage, it did serve as a reminder of how interconnected we all are in the digital age. It also highlighted the importance of having alternative forms of communication and staying connected in multiple ways. Speaking of which, you can we are on all sorts of social media platforms @MoreFoxFM, as well as being able to text or call us, and even email us! Thankfully when Meta is down, you can still listen and stream Fox FM!

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