“Do this, don’t do that… Can’t you read the siiiiiign?”

Hey, everybody! Reader here.

Are there things that drive you nuts, and you know that they shouldn’t bug you so much, but they just do?

Well, allow me to put on my cranky old man pants for a moment, and do my best “Grampa Simpson shaking my fist at a cloud” impression.

What grinds my gears? When people don’t obey signs

Now, I’m not necessarily talking road signage (though that is a pet peeve too, that could have fatal consequences).

I’m talking simple, everyday signage, like this one…

“Entrance Only” means ‘ENTRANCE ONLY,” my friends!

This is the entrance to my parking lot, and I have lost count of the number of times that I turn in to park, and am faced with someone coming from the opposite direction, to EXIT through the ENTRANCE!

So then, I have to either pull over as far as I can to the side, to let them by, or back up onto the street (as long as no one’s coming from either direction), to let them out.

Not going to lie – this particular situation has caused more than a few curse words to fly from my normally mild-mannered self.

And this happens in our parking lot at work, too. Though, in this case, it’s more akin to salmon heading upstream to spawn, with vehicles coming in the wrong end of the parking lot, and messing up the parking situation, often backing into spots, and having to exit out of the entrance, where they find the hard way quickly, that they can’t turn left.

But I digress.

I actually did a little digging, to find out what some of the other more commonly-ignored signs are:

One of the most commonly ignored signs is the “No Smoking” sign. Despite the health risks associated with smoking and the clear indication that smoking is not allowed in certain areas, many people continue to light up without a second thought. This not only puts their own health at risk but also disregards the well-being of those around them, like myself, who are allergic to cigarette smoke. And too many folks just toss their cigarette butts on the ground, instead of finding an ashtray.

Speaking of which, another frequently ignored sign is the “No littering” sign. It bugs the heck out of me seeing trash scattered on the ground when there are clearly garbage cans nearby. For me, it seems to be worst in parking lots, where folks dump their trash, toss out unwanted food, or even empty their vehicle’s ashtrays on the ground. So gross! By ignoring this sign, individuals are not only contributing to pollution but also showing a lack of respect for their surroundings.

The “No Trespassing” sign is another one that is often ignored, especially by curious individuals looking to explore restricted areas. However, these signs are in place for a reason – to protect people from potential dangers or hazards that may be present on the property. Now, I admit, that once in a while, I do enjoy watching YouTube videos of people exploring abandoned places (aka Urban Exploration, or UrBex). But safety should come first.

And a big one – let’s not forget about the “No texting while driving” sign, which is unfortunately all too often ignored. Distracted driving is a major cause of accidents on the road, yet many drivers continue to use their phones behind the wheel, putting themselves and others at risk. No text is that important.

Remember – signs are put in place for a reason – to keep us safe, protect our environment, and keep thing running nice and smoothly.

So next time you see a sign, take a moment to pause and consider its message – you never know, it could save a life.

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