Researchers Say Old Age Starts At 27!

Timothy Salthouse’s research, published in the Neurobiology of Aging journal, suggests that people’s thinking abilities are best at around age 22 but start to get worse by age 27, based on a study of 2,000 adults aged 18 to 60.

Over seven years, the study found that people’s thinking skills got a little worse as they got older, with the best skills in things like figuring out problems and solving puzzles happening at age 22. However, other skills, like what people have learned over their lives, kept getting better until at least age 60.

Salthouse says everyone’s brain is different, and he’s doing more research to figure out why some people’s thinking skills get worse faster than others. He hopes this will help make people’s brains stay healthy for longer. This study shows how important it is to understand how people’s brains change over time to help keep them healthy.

Source: ScienceDaily

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