Man ordered to pay ex-wife $96,000 for 26 years of housework!!

In Pontevedra, Spain, a provincial court recently decided that a man must compensate his ex-wife with $95,898 for her role as a housewife during their 26-year marriage. 

The couple, who married in 1996, separated in 2022, with the wife primarily dedicating herself to household duties and raising their daughter. Following the split, the husband remained in the family home, while the wife had to rent her own place and find immediate employment. 

As she spent most of her adult life as a homemaker, she faces a meager pension compared to her husband’s career-oriented earnings. The court initially ordered the husband to pay $130,000, but both parties appealed. 

The final ruling reduced the compensation to $107,511 and awarded the ex-wife a monthly pension of $381 for three years. The decision is subject to appeal at the Supreme Court.

Source: OddityCentral

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