“The Sims” Movie Seemingly in the Works

A new movie seems to be in the works. The Sims movie, directed by Kate Herron who directed the Marvel show Loki, and produced by Margot Robbie who produced the Barbie movie, is officially happening. EA, the publisher for the game, will also have creative and producing capacity which makes a lot of sense if they want this movie to accurately represent their game. So what is The Sims game?

Image by tp_like from Pixabay

The Sims is a life simulation game where players create and control virtual people, called Sims, in a virtual world. The game allows players to create a Sim with unique personalities, aspirations, and appearances, and guide them through various life stages such as childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age.

In The Sims, players can build and customize homes for their Sims, furnish them with furniture and decorations, and even design the layout of the neighborhood. Players can also help their Sims fulfill their needs such as hunger, hygiene, socialization, and fun by selecting actions and interactions for them to perform.

The Sims is known for open-ended gameplay, which allows players to create their own stories and scenarios for their Sims. So how would they make a storyline for a movie about a video game that has no storyline? Then again, the Barbie movie did exactly that. Barbie has no storyline. Barbie is whoever you want her to be, and the movie worked. Really well too.

I grew up playing The Sims. My sister and I had The Sims 2 on our Nintendo GameCube, and it was super fun to create your own characters and houses, and decorate everything. So as someone who is very familiar with the franchise, I’m excited to see it when it arrives!

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