The Nap Theory

Couch naps are the best. I can’t think of a better place to take an afternoon snooze.

It’s so comfortable during the day…but when you fall asleep on the couch watching a movie or binge-ing a TV show at night, it’s the worst way to wake up. Everything hurts, you’re groggy, and now, need to stumble all the way to your bed.

I have a theory…

Maybe it’s because our brains are wired to see our beds as the ultimate charging station. The couch, on the other hand, is like low power mode. It’s great for a quick pick-me-up nap, but when it comes to getting a full night’s sleep, our brains are like, “Nah, I need that premium charging station.”

I have no evidence to back this up, I’m not a doctor. But that appears to be the only logical explanation.

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