The Restaurant Birthday Serenade is Awkward

As I enter into the final days of my 20s… I can’t help but think about the dreaded birthday choir at some restaurants. That is an absolute NO from me.

We’ll be ordering in.

Unless you’re a child, let’s be real, having the staff sing to you is not a celebration. It’s more like a cringe-worthy moment you endure in exchange for some free dessert (assuming it IS still free these days).

I’ve been on both sides of this awkward interaction. I’ve had to embarrassingly sing to unsuspecting diners while working at a restaurant, and let me tell you, most of us hated it just as much as you did. The forced smiles, the awkward clapping, the off-key singing… it’s a whole production that no one asked for. It’s the price you pay for a free dessert.

Granted, some people love this tradition, kids especially. I’m not suggesting we get rid of it all together… Maybe slap an age limit on it?

Regardless of my opinion, there will still be adults forced into this uncomfortable scenario. If that’s you… I hope they bring a free shot out with that cake.

Photo: Mikhail Nilov

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