Reader vs. Spring Cleaning!

Hey, everybody! Reader here, and Spring is here. And you know what that means… Spring Cleaning.

Fortunately, I live in an apartment, so I don’t have to worry about extras like yard work. But there’s enough to do around “Casa de Reader!”

Ready for battle!

Now, I admit, I’m not the best at keeping on top of my chores.

My place can get quite dusty, and I don’t dust as often as I should. I don’t mind dusting, though.

Or vaccuuming. I just put on some tunes and work away.

But, that said, there are certain jobs that I will just never be a fan of.

I speak specifically about cleaning the bathroom.

I hate bathrooms. Whether it’s cleaning the toilet, or scrubbing the tub, to get the lime deposits from the bottom of the tub, I hate it so much.

I’d rather go and mow the lawn at Augusta National with a push mower than clean a toilet.

I’d rather polish the domes on the Taj Mahal than scour the tub.

I may be taking off on a flight of fancy, with some extreme examples, but you get the idea.

Even washing the dishes is okay, as long as I don’t let them build up too much.

And as many people tell me, “you know, if you look after them right away, you won’t have to take care of it later!”

Oh, I know that. Believe me.

It’s just that sometimes, when I should be tidying up around the house, the couch and my nice warm blanket call my name, and who am I to argue?

Perhaps, I’m just not that great at adulting!

I put it to everyone on our social media pages, and our listeners chimed in with a few different answers, as far as chores they avoid, including dusting, doing laundry, cleaning the oven, mopping the floors, sorting out the recycling, and cleaning out the fridge while dealing with the moldy items lurking at the back.

Looking into which chores are the least popular among the general population?

Well, it seems I’m not the only one, as one chore that tends to be universally despised is cleaning the bathroom. There’s just something about cleaning the bathroom that seems particularly unpleasant. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s a high-traffic area or that it often requires getting down on your hands and knees to really get it clean. And the older I get, the tougher it is to get up off my hands and knees!

Another chore that often falls to the bottom of the list is doing laundry. I guess maybe if you have mass quantities. It just seems like a set it and forget it kind of chore. Put a load in. Put the wet clothes in the dryer, and another load in the wash. Then fold it up and put it away. My issue with doing laundry is that there’s just one washer and dryer for everyone in my building, and you kind of roll the dice and hope you can get in there while no one else is using it. That is, if no one’s left wet laundry just sitting there and walking away, leaving another load sitting in the dryer, and no one can use the machines. Stupid neighbours being jerks… why I oughta… Whoa! Sorry, everybody. Kinda went off on a tangent for a second!

Dusting is another chore that tends to get neglected in many households. A layer of dust can build up so fast on shelves, picture frames, and other surfaces, but you’ve got to stay on top of it to keep your home looking clean and tidy. Unfortunately, dusting is a tedious and time-consuming task that many people would rather avoid if given the choice. It’s just that every time I dust, 10 minutes later, a thin layer of dust is already back on what I just cleaned!

And let’s not forget about cleaning out the fridge. This is a chore that often gets put off until the last possible minute, resulting in expired food and mystery spills that can be a nightmare to clean up. The process of emptying out the fridge, wiping down the shelves, and organizing the contents can be a real hassle, which is why it’s one of the least popular household chores for many people. It’s also why I don’t do it very often. Luckily, if anything goes bad, it’s usually in the vegetable crisper, and I can clean that up easily enough.

In conclusion, there are certain household chores that are universally dreaded by the masses. But as much as we may not like ’em, they’ve gotta be done, to keep up a clean and organized home. So next time you find yourself putting off a dreaded chore, just remember that it’s all part of the joys of being a grown-up!

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