I Did Nothing On My Time Off Work. And It Was The Best Week Off Ever.

Last week was honestly one of the best weeks I’ve had in a long time. I decided to take some time off work and instead of jetting off to some exotic location or filling my days with endless activities, I chose to do absolutely nothing. And let me tell you, it was exactly what my mind and body needed.

I spent my days lounging around in my pajamas, binge-watching my favorite shows, playing video games, eating junk food, and catching up on some much-needed sleep. I didn’t set an alarm, I didn’t have any obligations, and I didn’t have to rush around trying to meet deadlines. It was pure bliss.

I know some people might think that taking a week off work and not doing anything is a waste, but for me, it was the best decision I could have made. Sometimes we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life that we forget to slow down and take care of ourselves. And that’s exactly what I did last week. Listen, waking up at 4am every day can be tiring, especially when you’re a night owl who sleeps late at night. Bad combo, I know!

Yes, I did run some errands and stayed productive. I had a doctor’s appointment, I went to the gym daily, I spent time outside the house. But 90% of the day was spent at home and it made me feel fantastic.

So while my vacation may not have been filled with exciting adventures, it was exactly what I needed. Sometimes doing nothing is the best way to recharge and reset. And I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to take that time for myself.

So if you have some vacation time that you need to use up but don’t know what to do with it, I highly recommend using that time off to do nothing except relax and rest up. You’ll thank me later.

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