Actors From The Blair Witch Project Seek Retroactive Compensation.

The three actors from the unexpected 1999 hit, The Blair Witch Project, are speaking out, asserting that it’s high time they receive fair compensation for their contributions. Rei Hance (formerly known as Heather Donahue), Joshua Leonard, and Michael Williams penned an open letter to Lionsgate, as reported by the Guardian. They are requesting retroactive payment and a voice in future projects associated with the film. “After enduring 25 years of disregard from those who have profited most from OUR work, it feels both distasteful and uncouth,” reads the letter written by Leonard and endorsed by all three actors. Leonard disclosed that each member of the trio earned approximately $300,000 from the film’s success, which raked in close to $250 million globally, according to Variety. Notably, all three lacked proper union or legal representation during the production. Their statement follows the announcement by Lionsgate and Blumhouse regarding a reboot of the original film.

SOURCE: Newser

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