E-Bikes are in E-Scooters are out

Not that we see many Bird E-Bikes on Calgary streets. But I was surprised to learn about the popularity of E-Bikes lately.

I heard Adam Devine, and Anders Holm speak on the This Is Important Podcast about how it is still a workout to ride E-Bikes but it opens up more trail options with difficult terrain.

E-bikes offer several advantages over regular bikes, making them a preferred choice for many riders. Firstly, e-bikes provide electric assistance, making it easier to tackle hills, headwinds, and long distances, which can be especially beneficial for commuters or those with physical limitations. Additionally, e-bikes allow riders to arrive at their destination less sweaty and fatigued compared to traditional bikes, thanks to the option to adjust the level of assistance. Moreover, e-bikes promote inclusivity by enabling riders of different fitness levels to ride together comfortably. Lastly, with advances in battery technology and motor efficiency, e-bikes are becoming more environmentally friendly, offering a sustainable alternative to conventional transportation.

There is also a bunch of E-Bikes available for bid on the Harvard Media Auctions site right now… CLICK HERE!

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