Fox FM Furry Friends: Amorah

Miss Amorah is the sweetest most loving gentle girl there is. She has been through so much in the past few months and has unfortunately been diagnosed with FIP.
She is still acting normal…running around, playing, climbing, eating, purring, going to the bathroom. So it’s so hard for us to just give up on her and to not want to give this little lady all the chances we can give her. Miss Amorah would love nothing more than to see her 1st birthday.
She will be 1 on July 1st, and if all goes well she will be days away from finishing her last few rounds of FIP treatment with your help!

This will be our first try at FIP treatment in the rescue and we are extremely hopeful for our girl.  
If you would like to donate towards Amorahs FIP fight,
Donations can be made: 
([email protected])
At Adoption Days Saturdays 
To her Foster Momma at Sno World in Yorkton (Mon-Fri)

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