Wrapping up the Fox FM “Airwaves For Health” Radiothon!

Hey, everybody! Reader here, and, well, what can I say?

Merci! Gracias! Danke! Mahalo! Grazie! Obrigado! Asante! Salamat!

Whatever language you speak, those words all translate to one simple phrase, that we just can’t say enough… THANK YOU!!!

Over the past couple of days, Fox FM, and our sister station GX94, teamed up once again with the Health Foundation of East Central Saskatchewan, for another incredibly successful “Airwaves For Health” Radiothon.

How successful? See for yourself…

How’s that for a total? A few more final donations are expected over the next few days, so that total should rise even higher!

I say it year after year, but it never ceases to amaze me, the way that our listeners never hesitate to get behind the cause to make that everyone in East Central Saskatchewan (and the Manitoba Parkland) has access has access to top quality health care right here at home.

Health Foundation Executive Director Ross Fisher stopped by to deliver the total, and share his thoughts on the Radiothon.

I always call “Airwaves For Health” the fastest two days of the year, because there is so much going on, and it’s the best posssible kind of “busy.”

Of course, this year’s Radiothon was raising money for the Health Foundation, to purchase new equipment for the Yorkton Regional Health Centre, as well as equipment for Suncrest College’s new sonography program, to train ultrasound technicians locally.

Creating educational opportunities for this particular field in East Central Saskatchewan is huge, as there is currently a shortage of ultrasound technicians in the province.

This program will be the first of its kind offered in Saskatchewan, and how great will it be to train ultrasound technicians, that can study, take their practicum, and ultimately work right here at home?

The much-needed equipment that will be purchased for the hospital this year includes a state of the art chemistry analyzer for the lab, gear for the operating room, ceiling lifts for the intensive care unit and power recliners and infusion pumps for chemotherapy.

As well, the money will help to cost share a new medication packaging system – an essential piece of equipment – which will also package medications for hospitals outside of Yorkton. The province is covering about two-thirds of the cost, which is good, as the system doesn’t come cheap, at a cost of over $400,000.

But these pieces of equipment will be purchased all thanks to YOU!

THANK YOU to everyone listening, who picked up the phone, went online, or stopped by the Health Foundation office to make your personal donation. We know times are a little bit more difficult, with many of us having to tighten our belts a bit when it comes to our finances, but every pledge is so greatly appreciated. Each donation, large or small makes a huge difference, and helps to ensure a greater quality of life for you, your families, friends and neighbours.

THANK YOU to the local business community – the corporate donors and volunteers, who see the value of being involved in the community, and doing their part, to ensure that everyone, from their staff to their customers, have access to great health care.

THANK YOU to all the medical professionals who took time from their busy schedule, to explain to us the importance of having these vital pieces of equipment right here at home, to serve patients in our listening area.

And a huge THANK YOU to Ross, Deb and everyone at the Health Foundation for the great work you do each year, not only during the Radiothon, but all year long, working hard to raise the money to support these great initiatives.

Don’t forget – “Airwaves For Health” is really the kickoff to the year’s fundraising campaign.

There’s the $1,000 a Week for a Year Cash Lottery, the Charity Golf Classic, the Charity Road Race and the Annual Gala still to come in 2024!

There’s so many ways to support the Health Foundation, and once again, Fox FM is proud to be a small part of that!

If you prefer to see our smiling faces as we chat about this year’s Radiothon, just push play!

I’m already looking forward to next year!

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