Canada’s Got Talent Judges Had No Clue This Person is Already Famous

You remember Daniel Powter right? He’s a Canadian singer-songwriter who rose to fame with his hit single “Bad Day” in 2005. The song was everywhere – on the radio, in TV shows, and even in commercials. We even play that song! Along with another hit single that only seems to be popular in Canada – “Crazy All My Life”

Daniel Powter has released several pieces of work since. His 2005 self titled album, his 2008 album “Under the Radar”, and an essentials album that was released in 2021, along with other singles over the years since.

One thing I didn’t realize, is that Daniel – despite being Canadian, never made it to Canadian TV… until recently. You see, Daniel Powter showed up on Canada’s Got Talent, with NONE of the judges knowing who he was until he started playing an “original song that he wrote”. The experience is both funny and wholesome! Watch below:

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