Google Is Planning To Add Sound Effects to Emojis

Get ready for your phone to fart. Google is planning on adding sounds to emojis. They have announced so far that six emojis will have sound effects to them, including the poop emoji, clapping emoji, laughing emoji, crying emoji, drum emoji, and party popper emoji.

This new feature is currently in beta testing, but Google has big plans to release it soon. I am so ready to add a whole new level of expression to my messages. Emojis are already a great way to convey emotions, but adding sounds takes it to a whole new level. Honestly, I just want to make my, and other friends’ phones fart.

I can already imagine the possibilities with potential future emoji sounds – sending a heart emoji with a sweet little chime, or a dog emoji making a barking sound. It’s going to bring a whole new dimension to our conversations.

Black Android Smartphone

I can see how this new feature can enhance our communication. I can also see how it can be annoying to receive sounds when someone sends an emoji – a feature I’m sure many people will turn off. It’s going to be so much fun to play around with different combinations of emojis and sounds. I’m already thinking about all the creative ways I can use this feature to bring my messages to life.

Some apps like Facebook Messenger allows customizations where emojis rain down when you type a certain word. I have one setup with my friend where the poop emoji falls down when you type a certain word starting with S. The current Google messages app along with others like Telegram, allows animations when you send emojis as well, such as the laughing emoji having a laughing animation. Adding sound to it will make it truly a new experience.

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