110 Year Old Man NEVER Had Back Pain & Burgers are Part Of The Reason!

At 110 years old, Vincent Dransfield defies the typical assumptions of age-related health issues. Dubbed the eighth oldest man globally, he maintains a remarkably active lifestyle, driving daily for coffee and lunch. Unlike many his age, he’s never grappled with major health concerns like heart disease or cancer, having only undergone anesthesia twice. Surprisingly, he doesn’t experience common complaints like back pain or headaches. His granddaughter, Erica Lista, contrasts her own health struggles at 49 with his vitality. Vincent’s longevity as a male supercentenarian places him in a rare category, with only 10% of those over 110 being men, according to the New England Centenarian Study.

Vincent credits his longevity to several habits. Firstly, he drinks milk daily, a practice he picked up while working on a dairy farm in his youth. Despite potential lactose intolerance in old age, Vincent believes in milk’s benefits for bone and overall health. He also maintains activity, having served in the local fire department for 40 years and staying active with daily errands. While not adhering to strict dietary guidelines, he enjoys a variety of foods, including Italian cuisine and occasional sweets, without worrying about weight or nutrition. Remarkably, Vincent quit smoking after 20 years, a decision he made abruptly without relapse. He attributes his long life to social connections and an optimistic outlook, cherishing relationships with family and friends from his firefighting days.

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