Experts Ranked The Top 5 Fast-Food Fries and I’m Not Sure I Agree

Asking for the “best” place to go for a specific food item is highly subjective… When it comes to french fries at fast food joints, some researchers cobbled together as much evidence as possible to create the ultimate ranking system.

According to food experts and reviews, these are the best fast-food fries:

  1. McDonald’s 
  1. Wendy’s 
  1. Five Guys 
  1. Arby’s curly fries 
  1. Burger King 

At times, I can be painfully neutral. This is one of those times. I’m a firm believer that this ranking will fluctuate based on what you’re craving.

Want a fry you smother in ketchup? McDonalds, for sure.

What if you feel like more of a dash of vinegar on your fries? Then it’s Burger King.

Or… Maybe you want a subtle spice with your fried potato of choice? It HAS to be A&W Sweet Potato Fries with Chipotle Sauce.

…It’s all about the condiments.

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