The Short Week After the Holidays… Nice, But Chaotic

Can you believe it’s already Friday? This week has absolutely flown by, especially after enjoying a long weekend. Starting work on Tuesday had me constantly thinking it was Monday, which really threw off my sense of time. Even today, I caught myself thinking it was Thursday instead of Friday.

It’s amazing how a short work week can mess with our perception of time. With fewer days to get everything done, everything seems to blur together, making the days go past even faster. It’s like our brains can’t keep up with the calendar. This must be different if someone works a regular 4 day work week. That’s the norm for them right? For those who work 5+ days a week, it’s just chaos.

The short week following a long weekend can indeed is stressful in my opinion. This period often requires employees to compress five days of work into just four, intensifying the workload and increasing pressure. The backlog of emails, pending tasks, and rescheduled meetings can create a sense of urgency and overwhelm. Additionally, the abrupt transition from leisure back to work disrupts the usual routine, which can lead to decreased productivity and heightened stress levels. It’s nice in the fact that the weekend is already quickly approaching, but those 4 days can be quite a lot!

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