Google’s AI is Recommending to Add Glue to Pizza and Eat Rocks

Google is turning their search engine into a surreal experience. Recently introduced in the U.S., they have added what’s called “AI Overview” which uses Google’s AI tools to provide search results at the very top of the page.

Users are encountering bizarre advice, such as adding glue to your pizza to make the cheese stick or even being recommended to eat rocks. These unexpected and concerning suggestions are emerging because the AI system is pulling answers directly from Reddit and presenting them as factual information. Because the last thing we need is a top Google search from the reddit username “PM_ME_YOUR_BOOBS” right?

Search results with Google’s AI Overview. Source: Google / The Conversation

This development raises questions about the reliability of AI-generated content. With the potential for spreading misinformation and strange, potentially harmful advice, it’s a clear reminder that even advanced technology is not to be 100% trusted. Google has been pulling a fast one with PR responses, saying that results like that are very uncommon and aren’t representative of most people’s experiences. Google says “The vast majority of AI overviews provide high quality information, with links to dig deeper on the web.”

While I can agree AI can be very helpful to find information, a lot of the tools pull incorrect information, or ones that are out of date. As far as I can see, their “AI Overview” is not available in Canada. I’m going to guess there will be some tweaks in the States first before this is released worldwide.

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