Cruz Critters: Oliver

Oliver is looking for a new place to crash, unfortunately his human is moving into town and can’t take him with her
His birthday is Dec 16, 2016
Breed Staffy cross
He is up to date with vaccinations and neutered and weighs about 30.5 KGS*
He generally has a happy personality, food focused and obedient to strong verbal commands
He has a yard cat that he hangs with, harasses it but doesn’t hurt it
He’s good with kids, house trained
He does chase cars so would be good in a rural environment or home with a fenced yard

Testimony from the owner of Paws Inn

“From our experience, he was good with other dogs and cats (he wasn’t in contact with others but also wasn’t trying to “get at” any of the other dogs or any of the cats we have here that are outside when we walk the dogs.
He was also good with our kids and had a really good temperament/personality. I would definitely recommend him to any new owners, based on our experiences with him”

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