Woman Caught Smuggling 350 Nintendo Switch Games In Her Bra

Gamers often show incredible dedication, but this woman took it to the next level. During a security check at an airport coming from Hong Kong and into China, officials were stunned to discover she had stashed 350 Nintendo Switch games in her bra. Yes, you read that right—350 games. This might be the most creative way to pack light… or not.

Image credit: Hong Kong 01

How did she even get caught? Officers noticed she was acting nervous and strange, but most importantly, having “oddly shaped breasts” (whatever that means). This resulted in 350 Nintendo Switch games being confiscated from her bra. The total value is about 70,000 Yuan which is a bit over $13,200 CAD. Forget smuggling drugs across the boarder, Switch games is where it’s at!

In China, some games are restricted and can only be played on the Switch in China. Some people try to smuggle games in from Hong Kong to either evade taxes and purchase games for cheap, or to find unrestricted games that are not available in China.

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