Reader the Golfer… not quite up to par!

Hey, everybody! Reader here.

I’m still busy doing the ag show thing for the rest of the week, but over the weekend, I was out at Langenburg Motors, and while I was there, I couldn’t resist trying out the mini-putt game they had set up for kids (of all ages).

As you can see, my putting game is (pardon the pun) not up to par!

I like to get out onto the course when I get a chance, and play some actual golf, but my skills are just as rough there, too!

Here I am on the fairway at my home course, Riverview Golf Course, in Outlook Regional Park.

When I hit off the tee, either I hit the ball relatively straight, or I slice it off to the right.

When it comes to my short game I either lay the ball up too short, or power it over the green.

And when I putt, I either put too much on it and overshoot the hole, or I try and take a little off of it, and leave it way too short.

There’s no happy medium in my golf game.

But, I guess that’s the point. You never master the game, and every round is different.

Golfing on a soggy day at Deer Park.
Whether I play well or not, it’s always fun to get out on the course and play a round!

My greatest accomplishment on the links? Back in September of 2014, I was golfing in Outlook with my brothers Ward and Barrett, when I managed to score a par 4 on Hole #3, before scoring a birdie on the Par-3 Hole 4.

I’d post the video, but there is some distinctly good-natured R-rated language from my brothers who provide the commentary! Haha!

Admiring one of my shots at Riverview Golf Course in Outlook. (Okay… I’m probably just hoping for the best!)

My favourite days on the course are when I get out with my brothers and play a round.

There’s no pressure (other than what I put on myself), and we just enjoy the day, along with a cold beverage or two!

It’s been a couple of years since I played an actual round, though.

Maybe I need to find the nearest mini golf course and play a round!

Leave it to me to find the rough while playing mini golf at Ruckers in Saskatoon!

At least I’ve never run into any gopher trouble on the course!

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