Driving in the Heat: Windows Down or AC On?

Feel that warm breeze on your face or savor the cool blast of AC? For me, it all depends on the situation! When I’m navigating gravel roads or speeding down the highway, or when the temperature soars well past 30 degrees, you can bet I’ll have my AC on full blast. Comfort and keeping cool become non-negotiable. No dust getting in my car on those gravel roads, and my car becomes a greenhouse with no tinted windows when it’s like, 35 degrees outside. But whenever the conditions allow, I can’t resist the pure joy of driving with all four windows down and the sunroof wide open. There’s something truly special about sunlight streaming in and a delightful breeze flowing through the car. It transforms a routine drive into a miniature adventure. The fresh air invigorates me and makes everything feel a bit more vibrant. It’s my way of savoring the journey as much as the destination. Maybe I should get a convertible and see how it truly feels.

Now how about you? I asked and received some answers on our Facebook page. And it was mixed, with a heavier lean on AC. I get it, it keeps you nice and comfy, especially when a lot of people have to drive on gravel. But we did get some who love the windows down! I guess for those who have older cars that did not come with AC or has theirs broken, it isn’t really by choice, is it?

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