Falling in love with a twist on a familiar tune!

Hey, everybody! Reader here, and something really cool happened to me a few days ago.

Have you ever caught yourself listening to one of your favorite tunes, and suddenly it feels like a whole new experience?

It’s like finding something completely new, tucked away in a familiar place you’ve known forever.

I’m a huge fan of Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats, and on his 2021 album, “The Future,” there’s a track called “What If I,” that is a blast. Big and brassy, he belts it out in his own signature way. Here it is…

Great tune, right?

But last year, they put out an E.P., with a stripped-back arrangement of the same song, and I tell you, it hit me right in the feels.

I had kind of forgotten about it, but when I listened to it a couple of nights ago, it just seemed to connect with me in a deeper, totally different way. Have a listen to this version…

Simple, but amazing. Perhaps the simple clap/piano accompaniment brings out the vocal a little more, but it resonated with me in a different way.

A fresh take on a classic tune can bring out emotions you didn’t realize you had buried deep inside, and hit you in a way you never expected.

I can think of one other instance in which this happened.

I think we all know Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams,” off of their iconic 1977 album “Rumours.”

It’s a stone-cold classic. Here’s a great live version…

Awesome. But check out this alternate version from the recording sessions from the Deluxe Edition of “Rumours.”

All you have is organ, a bit of guitar, and the unmistakable voice of Stevie Nicks.

And it works its way in deep, creating a relaxing vibe.

I won’t lie – I prefer this version to the album track!

Maybe you hear that version of the song it at a specific point in time, when it soundtracks new memories, and suddenly gives you a richer, deeper appreciation for the music you already love.

It’s amazing how a different arrangement, a new voice, or a unique instrument can supercharge an already cherished song into something even more special.

So just sit back, relax, and let the remix carry you away to a place where it’s all about the feel-good vibes.

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